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The 10-Year Retirement Planning Countdown

In this episode of Blue Collar Wealth presented by Stone House®, join Bob Brown, CFP® as he talks about the crucial for fine-tuning your financial plan: the 10-year retirement planning countdown.

As you approach retirement, the 10-year countdown is crucial for fine-tuning your financial plan. Think of it like preparing for a major trip. In the final years of work, you’re earning and saving at your maximum pace, like flying at 500 mph. But retirement isn’t just about getting there; it’s about planning each step after. Like planning your trip from the airport to your final destination, you need to ensure you have everything laid out and can afford what you plan to do.

Here are 10 key steps to consider:
Assess Your Savings – Motivation-based, Goal-based
Trim Expenses and Boost Income
Diversify Your Savings
Pay Down Debt
Assess Job Security
Revisit Risk Tolerance
Emergency Fund
Legal and Estate Planning
Healthcare Planning
Lifestyle and Location Planning

These steps are general guidelines, but if you want a personalized plan, our Advisors can help!

At Stone House, we specialize in helping our clients build financial security and that priceless peace of mind that allows for greater happiness in retirement. Request an appointment with a Stone House Advisor to get started.   

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